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Top 23 Mid Year Journal Prompts For Adults (+FREE PDF Download)

Mid Year Journal Prompts For Adults

This post contains some of the best mid year journal prompts.

Mid Year Journal Prompts For Adults

1. What is your favorite memory from this year so far?

2. What is something you’ve been putting off that you need to get done?

3. What goals do you have for the next three months?

4. Describe your favorite things to do. How can you do more of it?

5. How can you love yourself more?

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6. What quote(s) inspires you on difficult days?

7. What helps brighten your day when you are going through a hard time?

8. What makes you feel the most confident?

9. What causes you to get angry? What helps you calm down?

10. Are there any adjustments you would like to make to your evening routine to take better care of yourself?

11. Are there boundaries that you need to set with yourself or others?

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12. Do you find yourself comparing yourself unfavorably against others? If so, how can you stop doing that?

13. How can you encourage yourself to get out of your comfort zone?

14. How has journaling impacted your mental health?

15. If you wrote a letter to your younger self, what would you say?

16. What are the emotions that you feel the most?

17. What would you like to tell your future self?

18. What do you need most to heal right now from a difficult situation?

19. What does self acceptance mean to you?

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20. What does your authentic self look like?

21. What does your perfect day look like?

22. What makes you feel loved?

23. Write an encouraging letter to yourself to read on a bad day.

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